Where do i work?

There is a thread on the etsy forums at the moment asking where us etsians do our crafting and i thought it was such a good idea to have everyone share their work spaces!

I took my photos without cleaning anything so you could feel and see exactly what i do when i am slap bang in the middle of working! :)

We have three bedrooms and i actually converted one into my makeup room! Why not an office and work area you ask? Well i want to sit in the lounge so i can watch tv chat to my man and see the sea while i work. Its inspiring and a lot more fun! :) I just need to always pack my goodies away but thats actually a good thing!

My desk looks onto the Mediterranean sea and i get to see yachts and boats coming past which is awesome! I do all my admin goodies at my desk.

Then i do all my creative work at a window sill in the dining room area of our living area (all open plan. It has awesome light and its next to the cupboard i keep all my supplies in. I also take pics in my lightbox here :)

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